Candidate Filing for 2022 Elections to Resume on February 24

    Candidate filing for the 2022  primary  will resume at 8 a.m. February 24 and end at noon March 4.

    On December 8, the N.C. Supreme Court suspended the filing period, which had begun December 6, and moved the date of the statewide primary and rescheduled municipal elections to Tuesday, May 17. The general election is November 8.

    Candidates who filed before the suspension of the filing period do not need to re-file if they still wish to run for the same office. However, those candidates may withdraw their candidacy during the new filing period and instead file for any other office for which they are eligible. The deadline to withdraw is the close of business on March 1.

    Candidates for the following offices will file with the State Board:

    • U.S. Senate 
    • U.S. House of Representatives 
    • N.C. Supreme Court Justice 
    • Judge of the N.C. Court of Appeals 
    • Superior Court judge 
    • District Court judge 
    • District attorney

    Candidates for the following offices file with their county board of elections: 

    • N.C. Senate 
    • N.C. House of Representatives 
    • All county and municipal offices

    *Only the candidate may file the notice of candidacy and pay the filing fee in person at the appropriate board of elections. Alternatively, a candidate may have the candidate’s signature on the notice of candidacy acknowledged and certified by an officer authorized to take acknowledgments and administer oaths, in which case the candidate may mail or deliver by commercial courier service the candidate’s notice of candidacy to the appropriate board of elections.

    *No person shall be permitted to file as a candidate in a party primary unless that person has been affiliated with that party for at least 90 days as of the date of that person filing such notice of candidacy. A person registered as “unaffiliated” shall be ineligible to file as a candidate in a party primary election.

    Below, find the candidate deadline for establishing party affiliation, sorted by the filing date. Return to Running for Office for more details.