About Us

    Our office is responsible for conducting all elections held in Beaufort County. Locally, we administer State election laws. Our principal functions include establishing election precincts and voting sites, appointing and training precinct officials, preparing and distributing ballots, voting equipment, canvassing and certifying the ballots cast in elections, and investigating any voting irregularities. We maintain voter registration for Beaufort County and provide public information on voters and elections.




    Each County in North Carolina has a Board of Elections. It is a four person board which is appointed every two years by the State Board of Elections.  North Carolina General Statute 163A-766 states “In every county of the State there shall be a county board of elections, to consist of four persons of good moral character who are registered voters in the county in which they are to act. Two of the members of the county board of elections shall be of the political party with the highest number of registered affiliates, and two shall be of the political party with the second highest number of registered affiliates, as reflected by the latest registration statistics published by the State Board. In 2017, members of county boards of elections shall be appointed by the State Board on the second Tuesday in July. In 2019, members of county boards of elections shall be appointed by the State Board on the last Tuesday in June and every two years thereafter, and their terms of office shall continue for two years from the specified date of appointment and until their successors are appointed and qualified.

    The local political parties will submit three names to the State political party chairman.  Once appointed, County Board members take an oath and begin their two year terms Tuesday following the third Monday in July in odd-numbered years. No more than two members of the County Board of Elections shall belong to the same political party.  The Board overseas the functions of our offices and hires a Director to administer all duties.




    2018-2019 Board Members

    Jay McRoy, Chairman

    Thomas S. Payne, III, Vice Chairman

    John B. Tate, III, Secretary

    Alice Mills Sadler, Member



    Kellie Harris Hopkins, Director

    Anita Bullock Branch, Deputy Director

    Josh Jobe, Election Specialist





    Pictured Left to Right: Alice Mills Sadler, Member, Thomas S. Payne III, Vice Chairman, John B. Tate III, Secretary, and Jay McRoy, Chairman