Board of Election Members Take Office for the 2021-2023 Term

    Five members of the Beaufort County Board of Elections were sworn in on July 20th, 2021. Four of the five members of election boards in all 100 counties were appointed the state board in early February — two Democrats and two Republicans. The chairman of each county’s Board of Elections was appointed by the Governor.


    Beaufort County Clerk of Court Marty Paramore administered oaths to Thomas S. Payne III, John B. Tate III, Watsi Sutton, Ranee Singleton, and Jason Williams. Thomas S. Payne was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper and will serve as Chairmen. The Board elected John B. Tate, III as secretary for the Board.


    Members will serve until the last Tuesday in June 2023 or until their successors are appointed and qualified.


    From Left to Right: Marty Paramore - Clerk of Court, Watsi Sutton, Jason Williams, Thomas S. Payne III, John B. Tate III, and Ranee Singleton.