2020 Campaign Finance

    Candidate Committees


    Over Threshold (Candidates spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)


    County Commissioner Candidates

    Tandy Dunn

    Jerry Evans (CLOSED)

    Jerry Langley

    John Rebholz

    Randy Walker


    Under Threshold (Candidates have not reported spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)

    Register of Deeds

    Jennifer Leggett Whitehurst


    County Commissioner Candidates

    Gary Blount

    John Carbone

    Hood Richardson

    Galen Swain


    School Board

    Eltha Booth (District 1)

    TW Allen (District 3)

    F. Mac Hodges (District 5)

    Carolyn Walker (District 7)

    Terry Draper (District 9)


    Soil and Water Candidates

    Filing Period:

    Starts Monday, June 8th, 2020 at noon

    Ends Monday, July 6th, 2020 at noon



    State Board of Elections Search:

    Lobbyist Search

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