2018 Campaign Finance Reports

    Candidate Committees


    Over Threshold (Candidates spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)


    Clerk of Court

    Marty Paramore (Inactive Status)


    Sheriff Candidates

    William Chrismon (CLOSED)

    Ernie Coleman

    Donald Dixon (CLOSED)

    Petre Earl Franks Sr. (CLOSED)

    Tony Keech Jr.

    AL J. Whitney


    County Commissioner Candidates

    Stan Deatherage

    Tandy Dunn

    Randy Walker

    Frankie Waters


    Political Actions Committees (PACS)

    Beaufort County Citizens for Justice PAC (State PAC)


    Under Threshold (Candidates have not reported spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)


    County Commissioner Candidates

    Ed Booth


    School Board

    E.C. Peed (District 2)

    Terry Williams (District 4)

    Michael Bilbro (District 6)

    Butch Oliver (District 8)


    Soil and Water Candidates

    James Allen

    S. Archie Griffin

    Adam Philipps