2014 Campaign Finance Reports

Political Action Committees (PACs)

(Threshold limits do not apply to PACs)

Beaufort County Good Government Committee

Citizens for Justice

Stop the Jail Committee


Candidate Committees

Over Threshold (Candidates spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)

Clerk of Court

Buck, Eva

Paramore, Marty

Shiver, Jimbo

County Commissioner Candidates

Booth, Ed

Buzzeo, Ron

Cayton, Robert

Cox, Don

Kidwell, Keith

Waters, Frankie

Sheriff Candidates

Alligood, Todd

Blount, Gary

Coleman, Ernie

Russell, Davenport

Dixon, Donald

Guthrie, Rick

Meredith, Harry

Scales, Val

Whitney, Al


Under Threshold (Candidates have not reported spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)

County Commissioner Candidates

Deatherage, Stan


School Board

Bilbro, Michael

Oliver, Butch

Peed, E.C.

Williams, Terry (Closed)