2016 Campaign Finance Reports

Political Action Committees (PACs)

(Threshold limits do not apply to PACs)




Candidate Committees

Over Threshold (Candidates spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)

County Commissioner Candidates

Belcher, Robert

Brinn, Gary

Cox, Don

Davis, Derik

Evans, Jerry

Langley, Jerry

Richardson, Hood

Under Threshold (Candidates have not reported spending or receiving in excess of $1,000)

Register of Deeds

Whitehurst, Jennifer Leggett

County Commissioner Candidates

Satterthwaite, Greg

School Board

Booth, Eltha (District 1)

Boyd-Williams, Barbara (District 3)

Daniel, David (District 5)

Hodges, F. Mac (District 5)

Daniel, David (District 5)

Walker, Carolyn (District 7)

Draper, Terry (District 9)

Isbell, Mike (District 9)